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Saturday, March 16, 2013

The New York Times

My Mom emailed me a link the other day to check out about people contributing their stories to raise awareness for the unfair private student loan repayment options. They are asking for responses (online or by email) before April 8th, 2013. I sent my thoughts and situation to them via email (studentloanaffordability@cfpb.gov).

I am not sure how far this will get, but everything is worth a try now-a-days. We never know if this is the help we are looking for around the corner.

One of the most eye-opening lines to me:
"Student debt tops $1 trillion, and some policy makers are concerned that it may affect the ability of young people to qualify for other loans, like those for cars and for buying first homes. While the bulk of student debt is made up of federal student loans, more than $8 billion in private loans are in default."

See the original article in The New York Times here.

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