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Tuesday, September 13, 2016

I was in The Wall Street Journal!

Does It Pay to Start at Community College? Maybe
"Does It Pay to Start at Community College? Maybe"

A reporter reached out to me back in June about interviewing for a piece she was writing on transfer students for the Wall Street Journal. Of course I agreed, and I am glad I did! Although the interview process was quite lengthy, the portion of my story in the whole piece is quite small. I am in no way complaining about that though; it's just an FYI!

Late last night my mom wondered if my article made it to the actual printed Wall Street Journal. I hadn't even thought about that and wondered myself, so I emailed the reporter, and sure enough! The article I was in, as well as my picture, was printed in the wealth management section of every Wall Street Journal nationwide. So naturally, I drove to Nashville's Barnes and Nobel as well as a Starbucks and picked up the few remaining papers for my family :)

That was a very cool feeling and a very humbling day. Big thank you to Jillian Berman for reaching out to me!

Click here to view the article!

Friday, September 9, 2016

Spotlighted on IonTuition!

Thank you to the sweet people over at IonTuition for featuring me on their Q&A Spotlight Series!

It is amazing to see a site/blog dedicated to all things finance and helping people win with money by using other people's journeys as an example!

You can click here to read my interview with them :)