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Monday, August 22, 2011

From Here to Anywhere...

Belmont's motto is just that, "From Here to Anywhere."

So here I am, 2 years after graduating with 'anywhere' looking more like 'nowhere.' As I have mentioned before, I am heading towards a spiraling pit of debt with every closing minute. My mother has asked me once or twice to call Belmont to see if they have any suggestions on what I should do. And, unfortunately, I tell her that I have and not only can they do nothing for me, I end up educating them on something they did not know about the refinancing process. However, it has been a little over a year since I have spoken with someone in financial aid, so I am thinking of giving it one more shot before I give up.

After talking with my roommate tonight, who is also a Belmont alum, I have decided to go there in person instead of speaking to someone over the phone. If they tell me a bunch of "We can't help yous" then maybe it will be harder for them to do in person. My roommate made a few good points tonight about alumni funds and how there could potentially be one out there to help certain 'qualified' people in this sort of situation. And, if there are no alumni funds that I qualify for, maybe Belmont could try to make a few phone calls to Sallie Mae or Wells Fargo. Even just typing it out right now seems like a long shot, but what do I have to lose?! Maybe some pride and dignity, but let's face it, they don't know who I am other than just a female graduate of the 2009 class who is still in debt like the majority of others.

So, I am not sure what day of the week I will go; maybe tomorrow, maybe later this week or next, but I will keep you posted as to what type of direction they give me. Here's to hoping they can get me anywhere but here...

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